5 things You’ll Learn at All Things Social on November 17

All Things Social

5 things You’ll Learn at All Things Social on November 17

The rapid growth and widespread adoption of social media have caused marketers, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to build a personal brand to reshape their communications strategies to adapt. Whether you know it or not, social media has a material impact on your business and has the potential to fundamentally change public opinion with the click of a button.

While some may see this as a threat, smart marketers view it as an opportunity to leverage an emerging trend to build an audience and grow their business. To help local marketers and entrepreneurs become masters of their social media universes, the Colorado AMA has assembled a panel of social media experts to discuss a wide range of social topics. You can RSVP here to join us on Thursday, November 17th. Here are just a few examples of questions we may cover:

  1. How do I measure return on investment for time and resources spent on social initiatives?
  2. What type of content should I be posting to my channel(s)?
  3. Do I need to pay to promote my content?
  4. How can I create video content without spending a fortune?
  5. What platforms should I be on and why?

While we could certainly spend the full hour drilling down into any one of those topics, the conversation will take a broad view of social marketing, while sharing specific examples from the panelists’ areas of expertise. Please RSVP today to lend your voice and experience to the discussion! Learn from Colorado’s top social marketing minds, and most importantly, enjoy some snacks.

See you there!

By Mac Jaehnert, Founder of MJ Media, a company that helps businesses drive measurable results by leveraging the exploding power of social and mobile marketing. Follow Mac at @macjaeh

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