AMA Member Benefit Spotlight – Vast Content Resource

AMA Member Benefit Spotlight – Vast Content Resource

One of the many benefits of being a member in the American Marketing Association is the unlimited access to vast members-only resources and content on the website. The content is developed by the most respected names in the industry. Here’s what you can access:

If you’re like I was and are wondering why you should use instead of Google to find marketing information, the big differentiator is that all the content on has been vetted. So, instead of getting lost in the Google rabbit hole of information looking for something credible you can use to support your case for your client meeting, website, supervisor or research report, rest assured that:

  • All content is reviewed and approved by the AMA before posting
  • Work is complete and free of any promotional elements
  • Preference is given to original written content that hasn’t been published elsewhere
  • Written content is edited for accuracy, clarity, quality and length

Finding what you need is easy. You can either browse the content available or use the search bar if you need something specific. To explore all of the great research and content that is available to you, follow these steps:

  1. Select a category: Research reports, case studies, white papers, podcasts, webcasts
  2. Discover what you need by skimming the handy short descriptions of each content or research piece that is listed in order by date
  3. Once you find something appealing, click on it and scan the helpful “Key Takeaway” section on the left to ensure the content meets your needs before committing to reading, watching or listening the full piece

If you know generally what you are looking for, you can use the search bar at the top of the page on the site. I did a quick search as a test for “marketing automation” and 65 results appeared including a business case, vendor evaluation template, ROI calculator, RFP template and more.

You also have the ability to narrow your search on the left side of the page by including the type of content you are searching for (article, webcast, etc.), adding topic or industry tags, or including a date range, source or author.

Authored by Kerry Hanson, V.P. of Membership Value

Kim Kudasik