Content Creation Event Summary

Content Creation

Content Creation Event Summary

As marketers, we understand the importance of offering quality content. Whether it is through the written word or through digital channels, our priority is to ensure the content we create provides utmost value to our audience. The February Colorado AMA Create Impactfully series event, Content Creation, provided attendees with actionable content strategy advice.


Gregory Wagner, Teaching Associate Professor and Marketing Internship Director for the Department of Marketing at Daniels moderated the evening.


Presenters Greg Cotton and James Joliat each covered content marketing strategy from different perspectives, refreshing those in attendance on best practices. Gregory Wagner led a lively Q&A session that followed the presentations.


Greg Cotton, Copy Director at Starz Entertainment, presented top 10 content marketing tips, like “Simple sells.” Read details about all 10 in his presentation, which is available here.


James Joliat, Director and Executive Producer at Zerosun Creative, presented an extensive look at what it takes to produce compelling video content. James made a convincing argument that quality video footage is an economical investment because it can be repurposed in so many creative ways, sometimes providing value over a period of years. His presentation is available here.


Content Creation was another great opportunity for the group that attended to sharpen their marketing sensibilities and network alongside other local professionals.


The Colorado AMA sends thanks to our moderator and presenters for sharing their time and wisdom with us.


Kim Kudasik