Best Wishes and Thanks to Marilee Yorchak

Best Wishes and Thanks to Marilee Yorchak

The Colorado American Marketing Association would like to dedicate this blog post to Marilee Yorchak, who is leaving her position as Executive Director of the Colorado Business Marketing Association after many years.

My first interactions with Marilee were over the phone when I became a member of the Colorado BMA and I was impressed by her diligence. I wondered to myself if everyone got the same level of personal attention. I believe that they have over the years.

The first time I met Marilee in person was when I arrived early to a Colorado BMA new member orientation. I was struck by the way Marilee interacted with people. Whether it was the parking valet at the hotel or the president of the Colorado BMA, she was warm and respectful.

This past year has been one of personal transition for me and Marilee has shown me so much consideration. She has sent job leads my way and has often connected me with people at Colorado BMA events she thought should be in my network.

Marilee’s commitment to connecting people inspired the Colorado AMA to create the roles of VP of Membership Value and VP of Networking to mirror the same level of service Marilee has provided to Colorado BMA members.

She has been my champion, and I suspect she’s been a champion for a great many other marketers.

Marilee, the Colorado AMA wishes you all the best in your new position as National Executive Director for the Digital Analytics Association. We are so grateful to you for all the years of dedication to the Colorado marketing community.

Kim Kudasik