Rejuvenate Series Launch – Helping Others

Rejuvenate Series Launch – Helping Others

Welcome to the Rejuvenate series! Each month, the Colorado AMA will post an article that is designed to recharge and motivate by providing wisdom from the heart and practical suggestions for busy professionals.

This month, the subject is Helping Others.

We all have similar thoughts and feelings, regardless of what our marketing careers are like: some of us may be entrepreneurs or freelancers, working on our own schedules; others of us may be employees at larger agencies or companies, working with team members and managers on a daily basis. No matter the career situation, we experience the same challenges and oftentimes we don’t know where to turn when it comes to seeking advice or support.

Proactively helping others—and in turn, being helped by others—allows us focus on something besides our own thoughts. Here are four ways we can help one another:

  1. Take some time on the weekends, evenings, or even consider a weekday time slot, to help out those who are in need in the community. Help pack medical supplies to be sent off to developing countries or serve food at a homeless shelter.
  2. Offer to mentor someone just starting out in their career, or seek out a mentor for yourself. Mentoring and being mentored provides different perspectives on our career and life situations, and both parties in the mentoring arrangement benefit greatly.
  3. Mastermind groups. Create a mastermind group with your colleagues or fellow business owners and plan to meet on a regular basis (1-2 times a month at minimum). Work on helping each other with business/work goals and challenges. An ideal number of people for a mastermind group is between 5-8 people.
  4. Coffee meetings. Invite trusted co-workers and colleagues out on weekly one-on-one coffee meetings to decompress from work and life. Take the time to share back and forth about what’s going well in work and life and what you are feeling challenged with.

Try out one or all of these suggestions over the next month and notice how your energy and outlook on life changes. Helping others out is beneficial for your overall well being, increasing your quality of life.

Authored by Helene Kwong/CEO & Co-Founder of Hashtagitude™

Check back on the last Wednesday of the month for the next installment of the Rejuvenate series!


Kim Kudasik