Rejuvenate Series – It’s Never Too Late

Rejuvenate Series – It’s Never Too Late

Perhaps you’ve heard about the experiment that some scientists performed on a frog. I can’t substantiate it for a footnote, but for our purposes, it doesn’t matter. The scientists placed the frog in an aquarium and observed pretty typical frog behavior. Sometimes the frog jumped so high that it hopped right out of the aquarium and had to be collected and put back in.

One day, the scientists put a cover on the aquarium and the frog began to hit its head on the lid. After a few days, the scientists removed the lid and the frog was free again to jump as high as it wished. The sad fact was that the frog never again jumped any higher than the top of the aquarium. Even though the lid was gone, the frog learned it didn’t want to hit its head any more.

I can relate that tale to my own life experiences. Sometimes I operate like the frog did. Intimidated by negative experiences or false assumptions, I have held back from setting goals or accepting new challenges. Playing it safe instead of full on.

Although true for old and young alike, I learned this lesson well after I turned 50. Subconsciously, I had a story in my head that now “it was all downhill.” If I hadn’t explored any new interests by 50, then it was too late to start. Old dog – no new tricks.

Looking back now at 56, I’m amazed at what I’ve done in just the last 3 years! I’ve become a guitarist and CrossFit athlete to name only two new passions.

What limiting beliefs may you be operating under? Take a look under the hood and see. Or ask someone you trust for their opinion about you.

The moments when a colleague or coach corrects you can be uncomfortable at first. Humility is key to learning something completely new. One day, you’ll realize that you’re experienced enough to be the one encouraging a newbie.

Having a coach or accountability partner who pushes you further than you think you can go is key to a more fulfilling life experience. Partnering with a good friend allows you both to provide encouragement, offer opinions and suggest ways to improve.

So, get out there and be willing to hit your head once and awhile!


By Mark Leach, Marketing Strategist at, a Colorado based marketing firm serving startups and bootstrapped businesses.


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