Rejuvenate Series – Manufacturing Luck

Rejuvenate Series – Manufacturing Luck

The definition of luck is a personal matter. Luck is a funny thing. There are people who would argue that there really is no such thing. Then others who swear by it. The nice thing about luck is that you can actually manufacture it. In a very real sense, you can be responsible for the creation of opportunity in your life.

After the company I worked for closed, a very skilled career coach pointed out the idea of manufacturing luck when he was helping me to land a new position. He encouraged me to network, not something I’m naturally inclined to do. Since I was freed of my cubicle existence, I was able to attend many different events in the area and I learned a lot from getting out and being involved.

As ethereal as it may sound, manufacturing luck takes dedicated groundwork. With my resume, career plan and other job hunting tools squarely in place, I set out into the world.

I began to attend events hosted by companies I was interested in working for. At the first one I attended, I struck up a conversation with someone who turned out to be the current Marketing Director at the company who had that very day given his notice. This was exactly the position and type of company I was looking to join. When I told him this, he brought me directly into the HR Director’s office for a preliminary conversation. Luck? Perhaps, but I had done the footwork that put me in a position to accept and act upon such good fortune.

I continued to experience more serendipitous occurrences the more I dug into my network. I set up an informal meeting with a colleague who I’d had a previous great working relationship with. He was starting up his own company and trying to do it all himself. A few months after our meeting, he called me and offered to make me the second employee in his company. I accepted and have been enjoying a wonderfully fulfilling new career as Business Manager and Chief Marketing Officer of a fast growing and exciting bootstrapped startup.

Fortune favors the prepared. Opportunities are everywhere. Be prepared and place yourself in as many situations as possible so that you’re there to enjoy them.

By Mark Leach, VP of Content Strategy, Colorado AMA Board of Directors. Mark is also Marketing Strategist at, a Colorado based marketing firm serving startups and bootstrapped businesses.




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