Spark Your Creative Side – Recess Speaker Profile: Chad Person

Spark Your Creative Side – Recess Speaker Profile: Chad Person

Chad Person is just one of nine speakers who’ll present at the Colorado AMA’s Recess event this coming Wednesday, April 27. Chad shreds dollar bills to create artwork and, ironically, to make money by selling that artwork. His images feature aircraft carriers, destroyers, and tanks as reminders of the taxes we pay to finance wars – 10% of our taxes finances past wars, for instance. Chad’s art, like our marketing, is all about communicating a message through a creative approach to evoke emotions and engage audiences.

“Anybody who produces creatively understands it’s a struggle,” Chad says, “but the outcome is immeasurably valuable. Which is beauty. Which is personal connection. Which is inspiration for future creation.”

As marketers we are most definitely artists. We cup our hands in the same creative wellspring and drink from that cool water for inspiration. Our profession requires us to leap beyond the boundaries of what’s known into the unknown.

As entrepreneur and artist, Chad offers a unique business and creative perspective that will influence the way we approach marketing as a creative process solving business problems.

Recess will be an evening of learning and inspiration happening on Wednesday, April 27 at 6:00PM at the Denver Art Museum.

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