The end. The beginning. The significance of today.

The end. The beginning. The significance of today.

June 30th, 2014.

I can’t believe today is already here.

If you’ve ever served in a leadership role on a volunteer-based organization, you know the feeling I am having now. Excitement is met with relief. Relief is met with sadness. Sadness is met with excitement – and so the cycle begins again.

364 days ago I had the great privilege of beginning my Presidency with the Colorado American Marketing Assocation. 364 days ago Gaelle, Miranda, Matt, Carleen, Justin, Philip, Trey, Kaylin, Meghann, Sandra, Dayna, John, Lisa  – and you, the membership – took a great leap of faith in me and allowed me to be your President for a year. I was excited beyond words, scared, and humbled in equal measure.

The year we experienced as a board – and hopefully the year you expereienced as a member – was beyond expectation. I am SO proud of what our Board of Directors has accomplished. Some highlights in the whrilwind:

  • We launched a fantastic new annual conference, REV Up 360
  • We engaged with amazing, amazing sponsors
  • We executed a Peak Awards & Gala that I had only dreamed of
  • We had happy hours EVERY month that rotated between downtown Denver, Boulder and the DTC. The opportunity to meet new people this year was constant!
  • We engaged with the community, as a community, like never before through COAMA Cares
  • We broke new communication barriers as a team by exploring Facebook advertising, actively sharing job openings, launching a new members-only newsletter & this blog
  • We pivoted our programming throughout the year thanks to consistent monthly surveys and event feedback
  • We executed more Knowledge Series events this year than we had in the last two years combined
  • We hosted two New Member Orientation events and WON the Spring Membership Drive(!!!)
  • We engaged new collegiate members and awarded two annual COAMA memberships to deserving scholarship applicants (and delivered a $1,000 collegiate scholarship to a fantastic student)

And this is just to name a few of the things I’m so proud of. (Trust me, I could go on and on).

While a few folks had to step away, a special thanks to the new folks eagerly stepped in (Lauren, Kaylin, Jonathan, Lisa). To our volunteer committees – you made every accomplishment this year possible, and we truly couldn’t have done it without you. And to you – our community – you welcomed us with open arms by attending our events, engaging with us online, and sharing new experiences with us that we haven’t tried as an organization before. Thank you for the amazing year.

While the end is always bittersweet, the beginning is so fresh. So new. So filled with excitement, anticipation, and ambition. And I LOVE beginnings. And while my new role will be “Immediate Past President” I will be far from the past, but rather engaging throughout the year with the you.

Thank you for letting me be your President, and thank you for your support of our organization this year. I can’t wait to spend this new year with you, too.


Gina Nykerk
Immediate Past President | Colorado American Marketing Association

Kim Kudasik