Top 15 Reasons to Attend REV UP 360°

Top 15 Reasons to Attend REV UP 360°

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REV UP 360° is The Colorado American Marketing Association 2nd annual conference on February 27, 2015 at the Denver Athletic Club downtown Denver. This will be the one-day conference you need to boost your marketing mojo, advance your industry tech savvy, and dial in the need-to-know contacts. REV UP 360° is examining from every angle what it takes to be a marketing professional in 2015. We’re ensuring you and your marketing team can rev it up – rev it ALL up.

  1. No Separate Rooms. No Breakout Sessions. Every attendee sees all speakers and panels.
  2. #1 Reason our members and board of directors love being involved with CO AMA is because of the contacts for clients, jobs, vendors, resources, and colleagues. REV UP 360 is providing two structured networkers for attendees to participate and spark conversations.
  3. Learn from three incredible national keynote speakers that share big picture ideas with actionable strategies you can take back to your team.
  4. Hear four pop-up speakers that are local leaders and are sharing the must-know skills for 2015.
  5. Q&A sessions for every speaker will help start the conversation among attendees and rev up the connection.
  6. New this year: A panel loaded up with local media leaders to discuss all the pros and cons of native ads and what that means for marketers in 2015.
  7. New this year: A printed workbook with speaker profiles that include bios, contact info, key take-a-ways already printed and open note pages as well as resources, sponsor offers, etc. Printed workbook will also be available online in a PDF format that is downloadable for attendees and hyperlinked out to contacts and additional information.
  8. Get an awesome REV UP 360 schwag bag with goodies and resources.
  9. Your REV UP 360 Ticket includes breakfast and a gourmet buffet lunch.
  10. Enjoy a complimentary espresso bar all day to keep the buzz going.
  11. Schmooze at the Happy Hour networker with complimentary drink ticket and the opportunity to chat with speakers and attendees.
  12. No other local club/organization is doing anything like our event for local marketers.
  13. Rolling out the red carpet for Colorado AMA members with real discounts, so now is the time to join.
  14. Be a part of the day-long organic think tank. The event’s three-prong focus educate, motivate, and connect provides more than what you can google and find online in a class or webinar.
  15. Invest in your career or your team with top-notch professional training with a can’t beat value.

For complete conference details, full sponsor profiles, and to get your tickets, visit  Join in the social buzz and follow #REVUP360 and @ColoradoAMA on twitter.  To be a sponsor or for media information, contact Carleen Clearwater, REV UP 360 VP Board of Directors at .

Kim Kudasik